March 11, 2007


Gracia Haby
Visual Artist
Melbourne, Australia

Each day, from my home-based studio, I try to eke out a greener existence. From recycling grey water to adopting energy saving methods on a budget, all in a bid to leave a fainter carbon footprint on the earth beneath my two feet. Recently I have discovered I am not as green as I could be, so what better means to ‘green-up’ my ways than joining a collaborative, environmental blog with my peers. In my art practice I construct imaginary miniature worlds that could be seen to speak of the changing world around us, both on a personal and global level. It is not unusual to find owls bearing precious gemstones whilst oncillas from South America can be seen assisting with the untying of ones eyelashes, where pink diamonds litter the Japanese skyline, and newly found companions are not to be trusted. Paper is my primary medium, Louise Jennison my primary collaborator, and together, as a team, since 1999, we have been making collaborative artworks. Our limited edition artists’ books have played host to a gathering of extinct hand drawn animals, from the Robust White-eye of Lord Howe Island, Australia, to the Pig-footed Bandicoot of in-land Australia, last sighted in 1901, though always with a slippery approach to the facts.

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