April 2, 2007


Cally Daniels
artist designer crafter
Near Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Nothing makes me happier than eating home grown organic veggies, walking dogs on Scotland's beaches and hills, and appreciating the immense, and the minuscule, wonders that are all around us. All these things feed my passion for making things and my desire to live a greener simpler life, and hopefully influence others along the way.

My background is in textiles, jewellery & sculptural metalwork, mixed media work and graphic design, all hugely influenced, in both ideas and materials, by my environmental and health concerns. My future... time will tell.

At the moment I'm on a huge learning curve as I eco-renovate my mobile home so that I can have a low impact sustainable house with studio where I can (hopefully) make a living from my creative endeavours. It's a long term project as I'm trying to source materials from people's waste and do the work myself. I'm hoping it will eventually look like a beach hut or a tree house. Home.


t-da said...

i'd love to hear some more details of your adventure in the future, is mobile home like a caravan?

Susan Schwake said...

can't wait!

julie said...

also very much looking forward to your posts xx

Cally said...

REPLY to T-da
Hi, to answer your Q...
Some mobile homes are self contained units like an extra long caravans. Others, like mine, are two halves of a house, but each half is on wheels so it can get taken to where it will stay. You couldn't travel with it like a caravan (I wish). They are designed to be permanently sited.

Mine has a slight pitched roof plus an extension built down one side so it's really big and more like a house than most. They have timber frames, thicker than many caravans, but not thick like a house. Hence my eco-refurb, I'm getting those walls 4x thicker with sheep's wool insulation inside - cosy.

t-da said...

sheeps wool insulation, now that is awsome, and does sound cosy.

Anonymous said...

I admire your goal to turn your mobile home into an eco-friendly sustainable house. Looking forward to reading your posts, you are an inspiration! (by the way, that's a very cute picture of you)