March 11, 2007


Ashley Baker
Seattle, Washington, USA

Hello, I'm Ash. I work as a production assistant to jewelry artist Lulu Smith during the day and then by night or any other free time I have I work on basically whatever I'm feeling passionate about artistically. I usually work with textiles, making handbags and accessories or soft toy patterns for books. I love photography, gardening and my other half + our 3 fuzzy kids. I think what I'm most interested in eco wise is sustainable/organic gardening, using art as a catalyst for a better world and basically using this blog as a source for people to read and get answers when it comes to being green. I really believe the more we educate others on what they can do to help, the better the situation will be.


Anonymous said...

How funny - i just happen to be wearing my Lulu Smith earings today and I just discovered this blog! I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say.

Unknown said...

any ideas on where I can get some eco-friendly mesh? [the stuff of lingerie]