March 11, 2007


Louise Jennison
Visual Artist
Melbourne, Australia

I am a visual artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia, using paper as my primary (and so it would seem, preferred) medium to create an ongoing series of limited edition, collaborative artists' books with Gracia Haby, various lithographic offset prints, sculptural objects constructed again, wholly from paper, low tech photocopied zines, drawings and watercolours. Recent works have focused on the worldwide decline and extinction of species, habitat loss, pollution, and the impact of humans on both land and sea, on our planet in general. It seemed only natural to draw on paper these environmental concerns. Endangered animals continue to take pride of place, as far as my art practice is concerned. Large polar bears sport bright yellow floatation devices to aid them in their increasingly long arctic swims. Northern Hairy-nosed Wombats are drawn counting their seventy remaining friends. In both my individual work, and together with fellow collaborator, Gracia Haby, I hope to carve out a space removed from its original context and suggest alternatives. In my life, I hope to live a sustainable existence. To be aware of my own personal impact on the environment and to make changes.

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