March 11, 2007


shari a.
durham, nc, usa

i am a creative soul trying to find a new career path after teaching preschool for eleven years. i live in durham, nc with my boyfriend and two cats. slowly but surely we are beginning to take small steps towards living a greener life. my main areas of interest are biofuels (i drive a diesel VW beetle and run it on B20 whenever possible), sustainable agriculture and permaculture. i love to read and hope to be sharing many green reads with you! two little known facts about me: i founded and served as the president of the EARTH club in high school, and even though the name of our blog is sew green, i can't sew a stitch.


matirose said...

oh this is so fun reading all your bios! shari, i can't wait to hear more of your green reads & you look cute above!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your bio and finding out more about you shari, looking forward to learning more towards sustainable living.