April 2, 2007


Amber Clisura
clothing designer/fashion industry
oakland, ca, usa

I live with my kitten and boyfriend at "The Farm" in North Oakland, CA. I'm an eco-fashion designer and I work for Del Forte Denim I design organic premium women's jeans. I've got a degree in Fashion and Textiles from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and San Francisco. I'm a born and raised San Franciscan. I have over 200 photobooth strips of myself taken predominately at the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco. I believe in ghosts. I'm a Dutch Girl who understands that biking is always the best option and everything is more comfortable with clogs. I don't believe the way things are going now are the way things need to be. I think that my cat is one of the coolest people I know. I believe that growing my own veggies, fruit and eggs makes me a better person. Composting is hard and dirty work but I'm trying to believe it's all worth the effort. Sometimes I'm scared that even with all that I do it's not enough to offset me just being alive. I like to laugh really loud at inappropriate times.

Being part of Sew Green means the world to me because I've felt for years that people like us can be the new catalyst for change. I believe that things like this blog can really make people think differently. If that happens they might start acting differently. If that happens change will happen. I try every day to fall back in love with life.


pseudobunny said...

hey there!
can you do a post about the chicken raising?
i hear they stink..and can i have them in SF?
hmmm...home grown eggs. .... are they delicious or do you use them for baking only?

Alison Peters said...

I hope you are right about people like you and me and other readers and bloggers making a difference.

I don't believe government and industry will move fast enough. It's up to individuals to make a stand and set the agenda- so again, I hope you are right and that the more of us there are, the quicker things will change.

Dutch Girl said...

I would be more than happy to talk about chicken raising! I think that we will probably talk about modern homesteading here at one point and then - chickens. You have to check the laws in SF. In Berkeley and Oakland you can have three.

I agree Alison. It is up to us/consumer to bring the change. Everywhere in the "industry" you hear "We would do it - but there is no demand." So demand it! There is so much power in being a consumer that so many folks don't realize. I'm so excited!! Yay!

Dutch Girl said...

Oh and in regards to how I use them: baking, eating... just about everything! The Black Star hens lay large to x-large eggs so those I reserve for baking. The rest are a little smaller and so I eat those right up! YUM!

pseudobunny said...

never a better reason to move to the east bay.
homesteading huh?