April 2, 2007


Nichola Prested (aka Nikkishell)

Melbourne, Australia

I live in Melbourne with my husband and two girls (Esme aged 16 months and Mia almost 3 years old), after moving here from the UK in 2004.
I first started to simplify our lives because of lack of money but this grew into simplifying to live a better life and to make less of an impact on our Earth. Last year i challenged myself to refrain from buying new manufactured clothing for 6 months and asked on my blog if anyone would be interested in joining me on my crazy adventure and this is how Wardrobe Refashion was born. The group blog is going strong and has a large following of Refashionistas. I'm proud that it has influenced people all over the world and proud of myself for not buying any new manufactured clothes for over a year now.

I try to be greener by the day by doing things such as reusing, buying local, buying in bulk, using canvas/cloth bags, buying used, switching off at the wall, using energy efficient globes, not having a car, saving grey water for my thirsty garden, changing to green energy, using cloth nappies and many more BUT there's always room for improvement and i plan to improve in all areas of my life.

You will find me sewing most days (clothes, bags, needle rolls etc), knitting and crocheting occasionally, cooking, reading, blogging and taking care of my girls.


Cally said...

So Nikki, I never knew you were a UK gal too, I clearly need to spend time in the archives of your multiple blogs!

Anonymous said...

Yep, originally from the North East but lived in Nottingham for 6 years before leaving for Australia.

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