July 30, 2007

making things greenly {as much as possible}

diana fayt makes incredible ceramics. [pictured right].

she's been having guest bloggers post their thoughts on ceramics and their process on her blog. recently, she had laura zindel as her guest.

laura's post went into depth about the question of eco-friendliness in regards to ceramics [is it or isn't it?]. she asks a great set of questions AND got some really intense and smart answers from several "experts".

i thought readers here might be interested in her thoughtful post . i definitely wonder about the materials i use in the studio and about the process of making things. how green can you be? when do you let go? what is an "OK" amount of hazard/harm you are willing to forgive? and how important is it to support small, local, talented artisans?


.:soplador:. said...

very interesting, i love the oneblackbird ceramics, a few weeks ago one student went to my house-studio for some similar questions to me, and i am thinking about everything in the felt process
at each time when i work

ms. pea said...

This is so interesting. It's funny that Laura's whole research project started with someone who wanted to sell "green" products. For sure, some products are vastly preferable to others in their impacts... but we are fooling ourselves if we think we can shop our way out of climate change or toxic pollution.

- jesse said...

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that I am going to link to your post in my blog. I don't see a trackback function on blogger.



shash said...

diana's friend's post was great. thanks for linking to it lisa. i can only imagine that buying mass-produced plates, bowls etc. would be way less green. and so not as beautiful!