November 14, 2007

we want to hear from you!


hello there sew green readers. sorry for our lack of posting of late. seems like all of us ladies have been swept up in flurries of activities.

but we have a request/hope.

the holidays are quickly descending upon us. i don't know about you, but i want to think small and local and a bit greener this year. many have already taken the buy handmade pledge - which is GREAT. but what else is there to do?

this is where you come in.

we'd love for you to send us your holiday ideas.

any tips, tricks, tutorials are wholeheartedly welcome. please send your posts with WEB SIZE [read 72 dpi and under 1000x1000 pixels] pictures to :: sewgreenblog AT gmail DOT com

we'll filter through them and post as many as we can.
please be sure to include any credits and links to your own blog or website or whatever. if you already posted something on your blog - we can cross post it!

we look forward to hearing from you!!


Funky Finds said...

I have a problem with all the wasteful packaging & wrapping that happens during the holidays. I'm all for beautiful presentation, but I try to recycle wrapping as much as possible. My mom does this - she has wrapping embellishments that have been around for 20+ years in our family! Any other suggestions?

Erin Lang Norris said...

sounds like fun! i'll try to submit something. i'm taking care of my grandpa today so it will give me PLENTY of time for things i can't usually "find" the time for (if i could just pull myself away from the computer, i'd be fine!)

seeker said...

great stuff!!!! i'd submit something too :-)

Mika said...

One thing that would make a great (green) gift for the holidays are hand-sewn "draft dodgers" for people to put on windowsills and doorjambs to reduce drafts in the wintertime (or summertime). I haven't found a good pattern/tutorial yet, but I'm going to be looking, because there are some drafty windows in my house and I have lots of scrap fabric and quilt batting. They could be made from clothes/rags destined for the scrap heap, or from linens or old garments from a rummage sale or secondhand store.

If I find a tutorial (or if I make some), I'll try to post links or tips!

kimono hime said...

As a second generation quilter, I was thrilled one year to get a box filled with presents from my mother, all wrapped in cotton quilt fabrics. I used the fabrics to make a quilt for friend of mine who had just had a baby and made another to donate to a local shelter. It was a lot of fun and there was no messy paper to throw out after the holiday season.

Gretchen said...

Mika I just posted on my blog with a winter window draft stopper that I recently made for all the windows in our house.
I am amazed on how well they work. I first started with batting but found that the cat litter worked better because of it's weight.
Good luck!