January 30, 2008

bleeding hearts benefit

hi sew greeners.

renee is hosting a sale on FRIDAY with the all of the proceeds going towards the Sierra Club . In her own words this is why:

I was reading about the impact oil drilling will have on Alaska, should the US pass legislation to begin leasing drilling rights in the Chuckchi Sea . Environmentalism is a cause I feel very strongly about, and couldn't sit back without doing something to help out. Especially with Valentine's Day coming up, I believe there is no better time to show the world a bit of positivity through loving actions.

She's collected a bunch of crafty goods and will sell them online starting Friday. If you'd like to support the cause there's more info and a preview here . the etsy shop [that will be filled] is here


gracia said...

Thanks for the heads up, Lisa. I'll away and explore further.

Christina said...

I love this blog, it's great for me because I love crafts AND environmental activism and find this site very informative. I'd like to link to you on my blog if that's ok.
keep up the good work ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Sierra Club. My grandparents first met on a Sierra Club hike on Mt. St. Helens.

In 1924.

Crazy environmentalists.