March 11, 2008

poppy talk green market

buy local, buy handmade, re-use, re-cycle. sure we all want to do what we can. but what do you do when you just do really want to BUY something. you know - that consumerist itch we're all trying not to scratch?

well - at least this month you can put a little bit of money where your mouth is and support up and coming creative folks.

jan - the genius behind poppytalk has put together an eco themed market for us this month. up through april 11th.

shop with a little less guilt here


poppy said...

thanks sooooooooo much for the mention!

Dawn Elizableth said...

You must have been reading my mind. I've been talking exactly about buying local, etc... Mostly to ears who don't want to listen. Thanks for the reminder that others do care.

Andy Web Design said...

hello - I have been checking out this blog sporadically over the past few months as I try to get mo green and creative w/ my steez in general. it's inspiring for sure.

I was wondering, and sorry to leave a comment on this post! , if anyone knew of a good source to re-order personal checks from? I found one company thru a search but if anyone has used any company, it would be great to know of!

and keep up the good blogging.