May 14, 2008

On the move

I am in the process of moving my office from here. to here. Working from home will have many perks - best of all, the end to my daily commute. Instead of a 30 - 45 minute drive each way, I will now have a leisurely 10 foot walk out my back door.

So as the days toward completion of my new office space draw near, I began to look for movers to help me lug bookshelves and flatfiles to their new home. A quick look in our local Yellow Pages put me to Mean Green Trucking and Transport. Their trucks run on biofuels, their NY warehouse is solar powered, and they plant a tree for every move they make.

They do appear perhaps to be a little pricey - I am still waiting for a comparative quote from a "traditional" mover. Will let you know what happens.

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lisa s said...

oh. i can't wait to hear.

i saw a safeway truck today running on bio fuel. that does have it's own issues at this point - but it did make me pause

congrats on the new office space!!!

Tracy said...

yes i am conflicted myself on the biofuel issue, but the fact that they are thinking about emissions came into my decision making...

Snippety Gibbet said...

It's nice to know that folks are at least trying to do the right thing (meaning the moving company.)