October 8, 2008

bicycle built for 2 (or 3)

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We are lucky that our situation allows us to be a one car family. My husband rides his bicycle / public transit to work daily, and after we walk the "big sister" to school, I try to use my bike, with the "little sister". She is growing though - and the trailer seems a bit too small these days.

So looking into a "longbike: for carrying the kids - and cargo.

These bicycles are becoming increasingly popular - and in turn more choices are becoming availalbe. Yesterday's Los Angeles Times weighed out some pros and cons. (You can find the article here.)

What I am looking at:
$1199 Xtracycle Radish

$895 KONA Ute longtail

$900 Yuba Mundo Cargo bicycle

Commuting by bicycle? Lots of info at 1 World 2 Wheels.


this vignette said...

I'm confused. Where does the kid go?

nikkishell said...

If only i could carry 3 kids aged 4 and under on one of these things. I've been looking onto the cargo bicycles but they are SOOOOO expensive here in Australia.

Tracy said...

the kids can ride on the rack - you can make a pad - retrofit a bike handle that attaches to your seat post too if you like. xtracycle makes add-on footrests, and with the Yuba they are built on. check out the websites for more photos of the longtails in action...

Chic and Green said...

Looks like a great way to do the marketing.

Shannon said...

I just tumbled upon your blog and love your decision to get a long bike. Have you ever considered making one out of bamboo using parts from your current bike? Good luck and have fun.

Cheryl said...

I do not drive unless I must. I have a burley and bike that is designed for touring. I have hit 2000 miles on my bike from just riding to work (8 miles each way) and to the store and such.

I love the look on people faces when I come out of Cost Co and put everything in the bike trailer. (I take my water bottle out and put my diet coke in the cage too).

If you are going to get the type of bike that you showed in the pictures, try riding a bike with fully loaded rear panniers. I know I do not like the way it feels. Also Kids NEVER sit still on the back and that is even more shall we say unsteady.

My kids are 9 and 5. The 5 year old rides in the burley, and the 9 year old rides his own bike. We also have a tandem that I can ride (It is made for an shorter person, I am 5'4")and the tandem will pull the burley. The 9 year old is big, I want his help going up the hills. The seat and the handel bars adjust for the 5 year old, she loves to pedal. We just had a family ride to the beach and lunch today.

Web Designer said...

That is a really big news for our environment too.

Sammy Pants said...

Don't forget to check out the Surly Big Dummy (gotta love the frame style names).