June 18, 2009

we're back! did you miss us?

weekly bunch

We missed us!

How did it happen? Somehow the Sew Greeney goodness kind of petered out last year, and I think I can speak for all the contributors when I say this, but um, well, I was kind of busy and sort of let it slide.

But that's all in the past! We've regrouped and reorganized, and we are planning some fun new stuff for the summer. The Sew Green contributors list will finally include a dude (dude!), and we're hoping to have old friends come back and visit with guest posts from time to time as well.

If you don't already know us, the Sew Green contributors are a group of artists, crafters and designers. Some of us are also scientists, parents, gardeners, musicians, and a great number of other things, in our daily lives. We're trying do all that we do in ways that are more sustainable, and that's what we write about here (especially the art, craft and design part). It's important to all of us to not just make our own daily lives and work better, but to change the larger systems we live in to be more sustainable as well - though we all do it differently, from art to activism.

Be looking for weekly posts this summer, and let us know what else you want to see here. You can also follow our regular tidbits on Twitter. Thanks for sticking with us, or for coming by to check us out!


Kendall Micayla said...

oh good! i was beginning to wonder what happened to everybody!! :) im so glad you all are back! looking forward to what you write about.

Jessica said...

Hooray! I look forward to seeing what comes along. Thanks for coming back!

Camilla said...

Welcome back! You got off to such a good start- now keep up the good work!

Gina said...

Yay. I was thrilled to find your site not long ago, now even happier that there will be more posts going on!

Pequete said...

Thanks for coming back! I don't usually comment, but I'm a regular reader and I love this blog.

nicola said...

thrilled to see this blog in action. you are so in sync with my family's lifestyle.

do all the contributors know each other? all over the map or bay area only?