October 11, 2009

crafty bastards in DC

crafty bastards

welcome to
crafty bastards
the 6th
annual indie craft fair
that took place
in DC
last weekend...

DC has a active
indie craft community
and this is
evident in both
the hoards
of vendors
and visitors
to crafty bastards
each year.

a little tour
of crafters
that caught
my eye
at the show:

crafty bastards: make something awesome

first and foremost,
green craft
i discovered
an amazing
site that brings
green crafters together
cosa verde
here's how they
describe themselves:
is an online marketplace connecting independent artists
with eco-conscious shoppers.

i met
two crafters
who specifically
on eco-friendly crafts:
tlane: functional items for the green-minded person on the go
craftgasm: all items made from recycled paper

. . . . .

but when it
gets down to it
any crafter
that makes
handmade items
is better
than buying
mass-produced items.

megan auman: "modern, graphic" pieces made from metal or felt.
figs & ginger: i love their bird & fawn rings and necklaces
beth pohlman jewelry
amy klainer: bold organic pieces made out of wood or metal.
swearjar design

paper & posters

your secret admiral: i was smitten with her journals and day-planners. beautifully made.
strawberry luna
ryan berkley illustration
dirty pictures
something's hiding in here: if you haven't heard of this design duo, then you must check them out.
see photo of them

crafty bastards: somethingshidinginthe

maryink: a tee shirt design co. out of nashville, tn. some of the coolest designs i have seen. see the one i bought here.
allison rose

home sweet

bunny butt apothecary: i am always looking for animal-friendly deodorant and products that actually work. bunnybutt saves the day!

please do check out
crafty bastards'
the online vendor gallery!
all of these crafters
have online stores-
a great place
to do your shopping
for the holidays.

crafty bastards: hopscotch


suzamaphone said...

This is a really great mini-directory of green crafters--and the photos are pretty sweet, too. Nice post, Pony! xo

gina said...

So glad I found this post- I'm in DC as well, attended Crafty Bastards and was kicking myself 'cause I couldn't remember the name of the soap place- Bunny Butt Apothecary! Looking forward to reading more on your blog. :)

lisa s said...

looks like it was a lot of fun.....
wish i could have gone with you!