May 6, 2010

Mother's Day/ Gulf Oil Spill

This Sunday, May 9th, is Mother's Day in the United States and I would like to give a shout out to all the awesome & amazing mothers out there. There is nothing as challenging and as rewarding as being a mom.
As children we love and take care of our mothers. As a mothers we take care and protect our children at all costs; we give them life & food [see above]. I believe that one of the best ways to take care of our children, and our children's children, is by taking care of the Earth, and it, in turn, will take care of us. Hence the name Mother Earth.
And here I was going to create a list of all the eco-friendly ways to honor our mothers, but in light of the recent catastrophic oil spill I would like to share some suggestions I have found of ways to help.

Please do what you can to minimize the damage to Mother Earth and make her a part of your mother's day celebration.
Cheers and Happy Mother's Day!


lisa s said...

that human hair as a mopping device is really really amazing !

happy mother's day to you!

Hayley said...

I thought so too- and such a great use for salon floor cuttings. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Rose said...

That photo is absolutely precious! I miss those days! And thanks for the links--the hair one is especially interesting.

Twila said...

This photo is adorable!! I have never heard about the hair thing. That is so so interesting!!