July 29, 2010


Hi there,

Usually my Sew Green posts are reviews of books—and generally those books are about sustainable agriculture. But today I'm posting about an anthology related to sustainable agriculture that I compiled and designed!

Unlike the authors of the books I've reviewed, I'm not a scientific expert, journalist, or an acclaimed writer. So instead I designed a book that is a cross between a coffee table book (filled with delicious images) and a collection of poetry and creative non-fiction.

From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens features writing from 11 authors, and photos and illustrations from 21 artists. The authors remember activities, people, and places that shape(d) their appreciation for small scale food production and processing. (Sew Green's own bugheart has both writing and photos in the book.)

From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens: Art and rememberings celebrating sustainable agriculture and good food will be back from the printer mid-August! Until then, you can pre-order the book and get $4 off of the regular price.

I hope you like it!


Di said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful and inspiring book.

lisa solomon said...

exciting shah! congrats!!!!

louise said...

Sure to like it! Sure to love it! Sure it is going to be fantastic. xo lj

Unknown said...

Sure to like it! Sure to love it! Sure it is going to be fantastic grease guns