April 29, 2007

SIGG bottle design contest

lunchbag & bottle for older nieces

I am a big fan of Swiss-made SIGG bottles. (The above is just one of many I sent out this past holiday season.) So when I heard a design contest was being held, asking "What's Your Eco-Style?", I wanted to share it here. The SIGGART Design Contest, aims to find the next great eco-friendly design for their one-of-a-kind reusable customized bottles. A percentage of sales from the winning bottle will go the Surfrider Foundation, which fights to keep our oceans and beaches clean. The contest asks you to "design a concept based on your personal “Eco-Style,” to design a SIGG bottle that represents your eco-outlook on life."

Details can be found at the SIGG website.


celeste said...

i love the look of SIGG bottles, but, um, aren't they made of aluminum?

tracy said...

they are aluminium - but with a patented water based coating on the interior. testing has shown no signs of leaching. you can read more here: http://www.reusablebags.com/news.php?action=details&id=144
thanks for commenting!

mimulus said...

totally adorable lunchbag too....but that oilcloth is a toxic vinyl mess.

tracy said...

This SIGG bottle is very cute! Also the lunchbag is nice.
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