April 22, 2007

happy earth day

the image above is by vik muniz for the new york times.

it seems as though everywhere i turned this last week or so i heard and saw talk about ecological changes/needs. earth day segments were the rage on local and national TV.

on the one hand i'm glad that environmentalism is a current trend. it's nice to see people paying attention and trying to make a difference. i sincerely hope that this line of thinking becomes more than a trend. that it becomes something that sticks and permeates our EVERYDAY culture and consumer choices. bill maher suggested on friday that it's time we make every day earth day. i couldn't agree more.

here are some links to green happenings all around.

reader lisa d. suggested this video/pledge for one planet life

the sundance channel offers a greener living guide. [thanks wendy for the tip]

thomas friedman went into a lengthly discussion in last week's NYT magazine about how green should be the new political interest. there's a great link to a video on that page - as well as a link to friedman's discovery channel special that aired last night.

also in today's NYT was a story on eco-cleaning products that some socialites were getting into. i provide this as a tease for gwen's impending post on this subject.

finally - science friday was at it again. hour one discussed ethanol fuel, solar technology and battery challenges. hour two talked about parks and climate change.

hope you are out and about enjoying this day. i plan to take a moment to see if there is a small thing i can change in my life to make a difference.


eshu said...

greatness... that picture is awesome.

the Thomas Friedman article was a great read.

tracy said...

small changes add up! i am following you lead. (and working on with the girls to give up straws. small indeed it seems but when we piled up a week's worth - it was significant!) happy earth day!

Shona said...

It's good that all of this is becoming mainstream + not just considered some hippie granola movement. I just hope that the "trendyness" does not dwindle into apathy. This is my fear. The person who commented above me is right, small changes add up!!

cally said...

Happy Earth Day to us all, and to all our steps, large or small. Lots of interesting links to follow there Lisa.

ms. pea said...

Happy Earth Day! I'm celebrating by listening to that crazy Bjork song, "Earth Intruders" over and over again: http://buzzsugar.com/204341

Ericwipe287 said...

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