May 30, 2007

I hate to rock the consumerist vibe BUT...

Hello everyone in Sew Greenland!

I'm sorry that I have been MIA as of late. I know that many of you have sent me emails asking what is going on with the eco-fashion world that I so suddenly stopped writing about. I know - bad Amber no organic leather belt for you.

Well work has taken me across the country and back several times in the last month and I've been swallowed whole (for all you keeping track, yes that increases by carbon footprint but our company is now investing in the funding of green energy to offset some of the damage that we are doing when we aren't being green!)

Regardless... I've heard from many of you that buying eco is something you really want to do but that the prices are really killing you. Trust me - I know. If I wasn't working for an organic company I wouldn't have 1/2 the clothes I do now... But I digress. I struggled about posting this for fear that it was a bit "consumer-y" but I thought that perhaps the fact that this company is a) local b) run by two local girls trying to make good and c) fucking awesome that it might excuse the consumer aspect of itself. For anyone who is in the bay area tomorrow my company is having our end of season sale!

If you print this out, bring it to our booth and make a purchase we'll also refund you your entrance fee! So that's like getting an awesome pair of jeans at over half off! If you forget then just mention "Sew Green!" to me and I will give you a high five and your entrance fee back with your purchase!

Ok - I'm done being a saleslady. Hope you are all living green!


Edie said...

Has anyone posted about WardrobeRefashion -
It's all about remaking and refashioning clothing. Awesome ideas and great people!

Nichola said...

Not yet but i plan to!

Dutch Girl said...

Hey Edie!

I mentioned it briefly in my ode to green clothes a month back but I felt that since we have the Refashioning diva herself in our ranks that she would be best to talk about the site! Refashioning is AWESOME and kudos to all who rock it.

erin said...

hey Amber!
i just stumbled over to this here blog somehow! wow, it's great! (bookmarking right now...)
erin (sodafine)