May 5, 2007


In terms of the enviroment - one the big "R's" is re-use, right? Well, Heather informed us about Wendy's brainchild swaporamarama - an event where you bring a bag of clothes + a small donation - and walk out with a "new" pile of clothes [take as little or as much as you want]! What's really great is that there's a bunch of cool workshops too. You can fix, embroider, embellish, re-fashion, re-tool, etc. any of your finds with the help of local artisans.

For those of you in the Bay Area - swaporamarama is going to be part of the MAKER FAIR at the San Mateo Fairgrounds MAY 19th & 20th. You can get advance tix here .

If you want to know of upcoming swaporamarama events check here. If you want to particpate, find out how here . Swaporamarama happens all over the place [Vancouver, Boston, Portland, New York, Durham] so find one or start one near you.


eshu said...

Boston! yay!

thanks Lisa!!

shari said...

thanks for the reminder lisa. i had seen flyers last year but had forgotten all about this.

ms. pea said...

swapping is great. a group of friends here swaps clothes every spring and fall - it's my main shopping outlet.

Heather said...

Thanks for the post, Lisa! Hope you can come to Maker Faire - I'm sure it will be totally fun. And our line up of artists doing workshops at the Swap features some of the best designers working with recycled clothing in the Bay Area!

cruststation said...

This sounds like so much fun, I would love to learn how to give clothing a fresh look. Used clothing doesn't have the old stigma attached to it any more, and that is great news. Let's celebrate the art of flea markets and charity shops.

Melissa said...

Oh lordy girls, we used to do clothing swaps like that back in the 80s in Austin Texas...there would be a brunch with MIMOSAS (everyone brought a bottle of champagne as well as their cast offs), a big pile of clothes and soooo much fun!!
Carry on!!! Melissa

Jeanne said...

We call them "naked lady" parties. Some of my best clothes finds came from those swaps.

jessica said...

it is a great idea. i guess here they might be the thrift shops? it would be fun to swap.

bugheart said...

my local
does it here
in DC
in the fall
and spring.
it's funny,
you start sizing
everyone up
and make sure
those gals
that are the same size
as you are
come to the swap!