September 19, 2007

book for kids?

brought to you by Laurie David [a producer of an inconvenient truth ] and Cambria Gordon, this book might be what you use to talk to your children about global warming.

i haven't actually seen a copy, but i heard the two authors speak about it and how their children are reacting to climate change. they felt there was a void of information for children that was honest, and suggested ways to help.... and not too scary or frightening.

would love to know if anyone has seen/read the book with their kids and what they thought.

amazon link to book


Liberty's Yarn said...

Thank you for sharing this!

I agree that it is tough to find good information for our kids in this gadget driven world. If I can find a copy, I will let you know if it passes the pre-teen girl test. =) said...

I have a copy and I did a review of it on my blog:

In another post I am giving away a copy too. It is a GREAT book!

lisa s said...

thanks liberty - looking forward to hear what the pre-teen says!

and tiffany! thanks so much ! [btw. her link is cut off above and it's a great review!!]
try this

Angelia said...

My kids are teenage and we have been living green all our lives. We just did it and things came naturally. I hope this book helps others do the same.