September 30, 2007

Polar bears reappear once more

{Where to now.}

It’s the last day of September and I thought a good way to mark the day was to post a few of my recent polar bear drawings. I haven't been able to post on Sew Green for a while, so what better way to get myself slowly reacquainted than this. With polars to break the ice.

{Where to now.}

{The last safe patch. (Please, click to enlarge.)}

Medium: watercolour and pencil on Fabriano 640gsm traditional white paper.

Polar bear links to peruse:
Most Polar Bears Gone By 2050, Studies Say
WWF-Canon Polar Bear Tracker
Polar Bear Conservation Through Research and Education

(Polars also said farewell September, hello October over here on elsewhere.)


gracia said...

Such a fan of your polars I am, LJ.
These are beautiful...

f. pea said...

Thanks for tracing the plight of the bears so beautifully, Louise. I think of them often and your drawings will give me a new mental picture to meditate on.

Nessie Noodle said...

wow these are beautiful!
I am out wondering new blogs- glad I stopped by :)

lisa s said...

so glad to see your polar bears. always.

Gift of Green said...

Love those icy blue colors!

jessica said...

oh sweet, beautiful bears. lovely drawings.

shash said...

your bears are just beautiful. and thank you for the sentiments and links.

Jessica said...

I like your blog - I am a first timer. Oddly enough I had a dream about a familly of polar bears last night and one bite my is funny they were small not as massive as they really are.