November 5, 2009


I have been on the hunt for items that have post-consumer recycled product in them. I started to think about how much time we spend recycling paper, glass, plastic, etc. in our homes, but where does it all go really? I mean we all feel better by doing it, but ultimately how are we really helping if we don't actually use our purchasing power to buy things that contain recycled material?

I try and try to buy garbage bags that are either bio-degradable or use post-consumer content. Same with toilet paper and paper towels [although we try to use mostly dish towels I do sometimes just want a paper towel -- and we do get to recycle them in our food bins where I live. More on this in another post]. Luckily Trader Joe's makes this quest a little easier. Their paper products contain post-consumer fiber.

I was reaching for their laundry detergent a few months ago when I spotted preserve's toothbrushes. Oh right. I need a toothbrush - so I picked one up. Nice colors, simple packaging. And then I read the box.

from their website:

Preserve makes everyday products that offer more. We believe performance and style are every bit as important as their impact on the earth. Our toothbrush, tableware and all other Preserve products feel good to use and perform as well as or even better than the old standbys.

We make our products from 100% recycled materials, which saves energy and natural resources. By manufacturing Preserve in the USA, we use less energy to get our products to your door. And all of our products are designed to stay out of landfills when you are finished with them.

Great in theory, right? You mail the toothbrush back to them when you are done and they re-use the plastic again.

So I went to their website and they make SO MUCH more than just toothbrushes.

The colanders [right] are some of my favorites. I also think that I will invest in a razor .

What impressed me the most, though, is that they recycle BRITA FILTERS . Brita Filters have always irked me. I want to use them to clean up my water, but they seem like such a waste of materials. Now I know I can drop them off at my local whole foods and that they will actually get re-used. You can read all about their partnership with stoney field farms yogurt too.

I know we are supposed to consume less -- but there are still times we need to consume. I feel like preserve offers an alternative and is trying to do the right thing.

** all images are from the preserve website.


vanessa.e. said...

Just a note, i was really exciting about these tooth brushes when I found them too! the only downside was that they before i knew it, i needed another one. the bristles started falling out and it didn't quite hold up. i went through 2 of these brushes in the time i usually go through one. Sure it is recyclable, but having to consume more isn't very "green".

i do like the whole mail it back when you are done part though and wish that more companies would take responsibility for their products and where they end up.

Hayley said...

I wish more companies would step up like Preserve. Thank for the link to their website- I love the food storage containers- perfect for daycare lunches.


nicola@which name? said...

thank you! i had no idea about where to recycle brita filters!

Lisa Sharp said...

I have the razor, tooth brush, bowls and colander.

Anonymous said...


stucco La County said...

Even remodeling and construction teaches you to preserve and recycle. It's good for the earth.

Eco Yogini said...

I LOVE my preserve toothbrush- have used three. the first two have lasted longer than three months each (the recommended time to use a toothbrush).

I've been saving them just as i've been saving my Brita filters to mail in one big chunk to decrease the carbon footprint.

I tried their razors... and it was not even as close to being as fantastic as my venus razors.... actually they were pretty darn terrible (i thought anyways). sad, but i switched back to venus. sigh.

however i do believe that personal body product care stuff is always different for each person (for example, i cannot for the life of me find a good shampoo for my hair that isn't filled with chemicals... and i've tried EVERYTHING lol).

YES for preserve!! (they also accept yogourt containers right?)

lisa s said...

i haven't had the bristles fall out either...

hayley i'm with you. i wish it was easier to find more companies that did what preserve does.

hmmm about the razors - but you are right about personal care stuff being different for different folks

and yes - they use yogurt containers as well....

Anonymous said...

i've long been a devotee of the toothbrushes and recently bought a razor. the blades seem to go dull very quickly is my only complaint. but then again, they are recyclable.
:) liz