November 27, 2009

Green Friday

Just a quick post of Sew Green links to make the busiest shopping day of the year a little less busy and wasteful.

Gift for Good- Alternative gift giving suggestions

Green Gift Giving for Kids - Great list of ideas

What's in your wallet - Think before you buy

Crafty Bastards- Great handmade shopping links

Conscientious Consumption - Mindful consumerism

Rock PAPER Scissors- Make your own notebooks

The Art of Finding- sourcing materials for handmade collages- which make great gifts

Also, Healthy Child, Healthy World has a list of 192 eco-friendly kids toys on Amazon.

Also here are a few suggestions for non-shopping alternatives for the whole family on this shopping heavy weekend:
  1. Museum [we are open!]
  2. Zoo/ aquarium/ garden [all are nonprofits and need your support]
  3. Volunteer [soup kitchen, animal shelter or visit a senior center]
  4. Tour your city [what would tourists do?]
  5. Beach, mountains, river, or any spot with a great view [pack some leftovers]
  6. If weather permits- get outside and organize a sporting activity [Croquet!]
  7. If weather doesn't permit, board games [or organize a scavenger hunt].
Please leave any other suggestions in the comments!


f. pea said...

Ooh, I like these Hayley. We didn't go shopping this weekend, but we did go for walks, play board games and find as many ways to use up leftovers as possible.

C.R.A.F.T. said...

i just did a post on green gift wrapping...