January 7, 2010

Happy Sew Green 2010!

Welcome new readers, and welcome back to the rest of you!

This year we at Sew Green plan to continue to post on (at least) Thursdays, covering a variety of topics of interest to us and related to all things green. If you have followed Sew Green for a while, you know we post on a wide range of topics, from knitting green, to cosmetic info, to DIY laundry soap and pads, to sustainable agriculture book reviews, to green building/architecture, to tales of chicken keeping, to responsible and fun gift ideas, to cloth diapers. As none of us are necessarily experts on all things green, we aim to share here what we are learning and what we are doing in our own lives to live more responsibly. We are a crafty-artist-designer bunch, hence the name of our blog.

We are looking for a few more contributors to join us in our Sew Green pursuits.

We alternate posting, so depending on how many of you join us, you'd be posting somewhere around once every two or three months (give or take a couple of weeks).

If you are interested in contributing, please email a little bit about yourself to sewgreenblog[at]gmail.com, and let us know if there are certain topics in particular about which you'd like to write. Send us a link to your blog too if you have one.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you also to our wonderful past contributors (now listed beneath our archive).

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