December 31, 2009

recycling holiday lights

happy happy merry merry

hope everyone had a nice holiday season and is gearing up to greet 2010 tonight !

i just wanted to post a link. a place where you can recycle your broken/old/no longer needed or used holiday lights. i tried to find multiple places, but it's really a small venture. some states like Washington and Minnesota have programs in certain areas, but I couldn't find very many national or statewide things.

holiday LED's has a program where you can mail your lights in. YES you have to mail them - but as their website suggests - gather all the lights you can - yours, your neighbors, your co-workers - it will then seem more worthwhile. Be sure and read their website - they don't want ANYTHING other than the lights.

in return you get a coupon for 15% lights from their site [if you are in the market for new lights]. but hurry the program will close in Feb. 2010.

thanks for your continued readership/participation of sew green. we'll see you next year!

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to suggest making homemade battery testers out of old Christmas lights. I have made lots of them, getting the idea from my kid's science projects. Cut up an old set that no longer lights, discarding the extra wires without lights on them. Leave about 2 inches of wire on either side of the light and strip a little of the plastic covering off, leaving enough copper wire to make contact on either side of the battery. Voila-free batter tester.