June 6, 2007

a handmade weekend

Out and about with little planned? Why, here are a few things, somewhat hastily pulled together on my behalf, that you might like to consider supporting. Some just in time for the long weekend too.

** Hope Street Markets ** (Sydney)
[young designers collaborative markets]
The Hope Street Markets makes its long weekend debut.

{Hope Street Markets flyer, please, click to enlarge.}

“The Hope Street Markets are a creatively supported environment for young talented designers to promote and expose their talents through different mediums.

Hope Street Markets is a collaboration of young designers in:
+ clothing
+ accessories
+ jewellery
+ object design
+ art

Adopting the concept of your local community markets, the Hope Street Markets are to support more art based product than general “bric'a'brac”. The markets are based in Surry Hills in the heart of Sydney, and they will continue to commence at the start of every fresh season and run over 2 days.”

Glean a little more here.

** The Rose St. Artists’ Market ** (Melbourne)
[Open every Saturday, from 11-5pm]

Expect to find Betty and Hamish toys by Kate Brereton Designs & Rebound Books (second-hand novels are spruced up, reinvented and given new life, filled with 100% recycled tree-free denim paper).

"Now in its fourth year, The Rose St. Artists' Market is Melbourne's foremost open-air market with the prime objective of showcasing contemporary art to the wider community and engaging its audience to the abundance of talent within Melbourne and Australia.

The Rose St. Artists' Market is not only a platform for emerging talent, but is also designed to assist artists and designers to sell and showcase their works without high retail/gallery commissions.

The Rose St. Artists' Market… utilises a disused yard in the back streets of Fitzroy, showcasing up to 50 artists and designers each week, some emerging and some more established.

All stall holders are supplied with exhibiting units, so there is no need to bring trestle tables for exhibiting goods. As well as all genres of art practices, the Rose St. Artists' Market also has live entertainment throughout the day as well as a gourmet cafe. The Rose St. Artists Market is always on the look out for new stall holders, working with a wide range of materials and in mediums including fashion design, product design, furniture design, jewellery, painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, leather work, glass blowing and performing arts."

Straight from the horses mouth.

** Mercado ** (Melbourne)
A “bimonthly Art Market, featuring a rotating crew of local makers hawking their zines, books, comix, prints, apples, toys, muffins, t-shirts, jewellery, sculptures, badges, posters, stickers, vegan cakes and curries, music, video, postcards and…” so on and so forth.

The next market will be happening on Saturday the 23rd of June.

{Mercado made.}

Dig a little further here.

And finally, don't feel like heading out into the woods today, skip across to...
** madeit **
[the independent australian designers directory]
& lay claim to a few more local treats. From Chip Chop to Wild Garden and back around the block to Secret Squirrel Clothing.

Why not ferret around here and see what you can find.

Here's hoping you discover many a handmade gem should you take to market. Or perhaps you are spurred on to participate yourself, hawking your handmade pride and joy at a market stall with fellow marketeers. Either way, have fun and keep it handmade.


louise said...

I'm so inspired by your recommendations that I'm going to try and make it along to the next Mercado event. It all looks great!

nikkishell said...

Thankyou for these links Gracia. I've been searching for markets online tonight and what do you know? I should have just come straight to Sew Green!

david 'www.vertigodiamonds.com' said...

Do you have anything sugestions for the other side of the world in london?

very inspireing :)

Belinda said...

Thanks for this info Gracia.
I've been to the Rose Street market before but didn't know anything about Mercado.
There was also the skirt and shirt market at the St. Kilda primary school, (hope I've got that right) I think that is still running.
I'll do a little web search and get back to you on that!

Belinda said...

On checking their website,
the Shirt and Skirt Markets have moved to a new location-
The Abbotsford Convent
1 Saint Heliers Street

First market at new site-
Sunday 17th June 2007

I am just blindly assuming it is correct and up to date- can't see why it wouldn't be.

I have only been to this market once about a year ago, it was then more clothing and accessory based (not sure about now), but well worth checking out.
Hope this helps anyone that may be interested.
That's enough from me!

cruststation said...

It's such a lovely thing to see people supporting their local designers. I'll look for for local markets who are doing the same, thanks.

cally said...

you lucky people to have such markets . i'm always inspired by the ones in amsterdam and stockholm. i've no idea why scotland isn't bursting with them when we have 4 art colleges withing a close radius.

i'm off to expolore your links now and pretend i'm in australia sipping a smoothie and wearing flip flops while a wander contentedly around the market discovering new treats.

nikkishell said...

Hehe Cally, We aint sipping smoothies and wearing flip flops here at the moment, it's freezing!

//FINE LITTLE DAY// said...

I like the art market poster!!

gracia said...

See you there, LJ & Nichola... well, maybe next time round, now that i come to think of it. Glad you found them a handy resource.

Hi David,
Hmm, markets and the like in or near London? I'll look into it... and maybe Cally (whose a little closer to London than I, will know of a few handmade crafty markets. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks, Belinda. I'd not heard of the Shirt & Skirt Market before. Thanks for the info. I'll try and make it along on the 17th and have a poke around, see what I can discover. Having been to neither the Mercado nor Rose St Artists' Market, I think I'm long overdue for a little market action.

Thanks, Crust Station... and should you rustle up some great links do let me know (either in the comments section or via email). I have a feeling you'll be able to find some great places to head given all the link beauty on your blog.

Hi there Cally,
See you there, so to speak... "wandering contentedly around the market discovering treats"... you'll no doubt spot me purchasing a cute handmade tote adorned with felt rabbit silhouettes or the like.

Freezing, yep it certainly is, Nikki. I dare not move more than a inch from the heater. Hang on, that doesn't sound all that green... best clarify that and say that I am also clad in a thick woolly jumper, a scarf and footy socks.

Me too, //fine little day//, me too. I think you'll enjoy having a look at the rest of their site too. Fine graphics abound.

see you, g

Helen Porter said...

Wonderful that you support your craft fairs - well done you! I wish we had someone like you here in Scotland - perhaps I should take inspiration!!