June 5, 2007

World Environment Day

||Two polar bears with lights to mark out the safe parts ice.||

||Two polar bears with floatation devices.||

||Humpback whales repairing the ice sheet.||

Happy world environment day, everyone! I thought it only fitting to post a few of my polar bear and humpback whale drawings on this important annual day.

This years topic is ‘Melting Ice – a Hot Topic?’ with a "focus on the effects that climate change is having on polar ecosystems and communities, on other ice and snow covered areas of the world, and the resulting global impacts." (as taken from wikipedia)

You can discover a little more here and here.

I’m going to celebrate by writing a letter to my local member of parliament, asking them to establish national laws to cut greenhouse pollution, tax greenhouse pollution and reward energy saving and renewable energy, ensure 20 per cent of Australian electricity comes from renewables by 2020, to stop flirting with nuclear power and ratify the Kyoto Protocol… as suggested by the ACF.

How about you?

I’d love to hear about how are you going to spend the day, or how you did spend the day (depending on the time zone you are in right now)?


gracia said...

Hmm, can I celebrate the same way as you, LJ? Only can I wear a paper party hat at the same time? It's fashioned from the Green Pages in the recycling bin.

Happy world environment day! (Or evening...)

see you, g

eshu said...

well, i'll have to find something to do now... i had no idea it was world environment day. shame, shame.

on another note your drawings are beautiful, sad too. the polar bear's situation is breaking my heart...

ms. pea said...

Hm... to celebrate World Environment Day, I think I will eat lunch brought from home, roasted veggies that we grew in our garden. Thanks for the beautiful drawings, Louise!

nikkishell said...

To celebrate i made bread and sewed cloth pads! Oh and i switched off the computer.

cally said...

lovely illustrations

i celebrated by rescuing an abandoned Ikea flatbed trolley and using to hold 2 growbags. i planted courgette (zucchini)and some salad things and now I can wheel them around into the sun, or out of the wind as required for extra happy growing conditions.

Céline from Webngreen said...

My friend and I celebrated the World Environmental Day by launching a brand new homepage for our planet: www.webngreen.com

---- The concept? ----

Around the globe millions of people use Google as their homepage.

Use Webngreen and learn how you can help save the planet while you search the web.

Because, like the Internet, the environment is on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Make Webngreen your homepage, wherever you use the web: at work, at home where the whole family can enjoy it, or at your Internet café.
Spread the word about Webngreen and raise awareness about the dangers facing our planet.

It’s fast, easy, and effective. Your grandchildren will thank you!

I hope that you will find Webngreen useful and make it your own homepage ;-)


The Worsted Witch said...

Wow, Louise, your artwork is AMAZING. I want!

louise said...

Hi Gracia,
I like your idea of the party hat, you get a triple green star for effort.

Hi there Eshu,
I agree with you that the plight of the polar bears is absolutely tragic. Here is a link to a very lovely bear… http://www.wildlifehd.com/polarbearcam/HDclips/pages/Nov-23-720p.htm it is off this site http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/ , which I like to visit from time to time.

Hi Ms. Pea,
What a wonderful way to spend world environment day or for that matter, what a wonderful way to spend any day. I still buy my fruit and vegies, as my green thumb is a little underdeveloped.

Hi Nikki,
Sounds like you have been busy. As for turning off the computer, I still had mine on for part of the day, but as soon as I’m finished I turned it off at the wall to save electricity.

Hi Cally,
How ingenious of you! You can add being an inventor to your list of accomplishments.

Hi there Céline,
Thanks for the tip; I’ll go check it out.

Thanks Worsted Witch,
I’m glad you enjoyed my drawings. You can check out a few more on my site if you’d like… http://www.gracialouise.com/

Thanks everyone,

morgan. said...

these are so beautiful.

ed said...





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