June 28, 2007

Squirrel Gliders

Last week I came across an article in the paper about a project aimed at saving Victorian Squirrel Gliders from a grizzly death as they try to cross our busy roads.

A rope bridge will be built over a section of the Hume Highway (for those of you not in Australia that is the main road from Melbourne to Sydney). According to the media statement the purpose of this bridge is to decrease fatalities of this endangered species and also to “… encourage movement across roads and among squirrel glider populations so that they can access food, shelter and mates." (Dr van der Ree)

I’ve not seen the rope overpass but I imagine they will look a little like this:

I think they would look nice like this too.

These fury little guys seem to have the will to survive both the busy roads and the loss of vast areas of their woodland habitat which has been cleared over the years. This article reports of them appearing in a district where they were previously not known to exist.

Hope you think this idea is as good as I did. I’ve spent many a moment, since reading about this bridge, thinking merry thoughts about those little squirrel gliders and the glimmer of hope that they now have.

Another thing which may help distribute merry thoughts is my book give away! I've just finished reading "Every Last Drop: The Water Saving Guide" by Amy Carmichael and Craig Madden (the book I reviewed a few posts ago).

I think the best place for this book is in the hands of another reader/water saver. So, if you're in Australia (I don't want to exclude my overseas buddies, however the book is targeted at Australian audiences) and you are interested in a free book full of water saving tips and facts on water politics, management and usage, then just tell me in the comments section.

I was also hoping that if you are the lucky winner then after finishing reading the book you could give it away to a friend or associate... maybe we can pass it around to as many people as possible, spreading the message as such. I'll register the book on bookcrossing so that everyone can keep an eye on its travels.

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Medium: watercolour and pencil on Rising Stonehenge cream 100% cotton 245gsm paper

Dimensions: 9 X 14cm


heather t said...

I love your watercolor illustrations. Do you sell them anywhere online?

Leah said...

I'd love to read this book - I requested it through the local library after reading about it here, but no action yet. Just imagine those little gliders on their rope bridges - lovely!

Rebecca said...

The rope bridge idea reminds me of the Curious George episode where they fashion a crossing for the squirrel when his branches across the street are cut in error.

ms. pea said...

i love your book-sharing impulse, louise. thanks for the squirrel glider story! i'm really enjoying imagining them crossing the highway on rope bridges - thanks for the delightful illustrations!

cally said...

love this story. they should commission things like this as public art instead of some of the horrible things that they spend money on. that would be so cool.

Rebekka said...

I'd love to read the book too - we're about to renovate and I really want to build in some extra water saving things (over and above AAA rated taps and dual-flush toilet, of course) - maybe a small rainwater tank, or maybe a grey water system.

rhonda jean said...

How delightful your watercolours are. Maybe you could sell them and donate the profits to the gliders' plight.

I've added you to my blog roll. Thank you for a lovely blog.

shash said...

terrific idea for sharing the book. i think my next book purchase will be an enviro one and i'll do the same! your watercolors as always are beautiful. delicate and lovely.

louise said...

Hi Heather T,
I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my drawings. Yes, I do sell them. I’d be happy to sell these little squirrel glider ones for $30 Australian dollars each. If you are interested then just email me at gracialouiseAToptusnet.com.au and we can figure something out.

Hi Leah,
You’re in the running! I’ll put your name, along with the other two contestants, into a hat this week. I’m planning on posting the lucky winners name on my blog this Friday (or Saturday if I’m pushed for time). Thanks for your comment.

Hi Rebecca,
That sounds very cute. I just love squirrels to bits, they are such intelligent and agile little critters.

Thanks Ms Pea,
I’m enjoying imagining them running across the rope bridge too. I wonder how many of the curious little guys have made the crossing already?

Hi there Cally,
You’re very kind. It’s always a thrill knowing that there are people who like what I do. Happy to share my little watercolours with you and all those who swing by Sew Green.

Hi Rebekka,
You’re in the running too… Your green renovation plans sound very exciting. Have you seen Gmagazine yet? Here’s a link just in case you haven’t http://www.gmagazine.com.au/ . I have had a flick through it and it looks really great. It’s jam packed with green solutions, products and ideas.

Hi Rhonda,
I’m glad you enjoyed my watercolours too.

Thanks Shash,
That sounds great! Maybe we can make book sharing a bit of a blog feature?