March 11, 2007


tracy bartley
mum, artist’s assistant
los angeles, california, USA

I live with my husband and our 2 girls(ages 5 and 2, my “bugs”)in suburban L.A.

I worry (a lot) about the constant bombardment of commercialism in our girls’ lives and try to protect them from that as much as possible. I want them to walk (in a city where everyone drives); to know from where, and from whom, what we consume comes from; to be barefoot as much as possible; to know that being rich has nothing to do with how much "stuff" you have or how big your house is; to cherish the hand in hand-made; and to love our planet earth. In turn, I try and see the wonderment that is life through their eyes. It gives me hope.

When I am not digging in the dirt looking for bugs with my bugs, I work as an artist’s assistant. I am a great believer in the power of community. And I am trying to build a stronger bond with my sewing machine.


this single spark said...

This is such a great idea! Have added the link to my eco-blog, hope you don't mind.

xo C.

Gwendolen said...

I'm a HUGE believer in community as well- its so powerful. I also believe that a better world begins in your own back yard. Just began an environmental sustainability course and will be looking forward to your discussions!