March 11, 2007


lisa solomon
artist, professor, free-lance graphic designer
oakland, CA, USA

I am an artist who is deeply interested in the notion of hybridization. I think that is why I end up making all sorts of things, out of all kinds of materials, for all sorts of reasons. Since getting my MFA in 2003 I have been busy trying to make and show my work. I am lucky to teach art at several colleges locally. I love how teaching inspires and motivates me. I am fascinated by the mundane {finding beauty in the ordinary}, searching for a way to live more simply, and hoping that I can take small steps to live more sustainable. I live in Oakland with my husband, two dogs and two cats. We love to garden, sit in our sunny yard, and cook yummy food. My studio is five minutes from my house and I try go there as much as I can.

I am hoping that this blog will help me navigate an affordable way to live a greener existence. i think like everyone else here I am saddended by what is happening to our planet and I don't want to feel powerless about it. I'm excited by the prospect of a group of creative women working to explore sustainability.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, your Underdog Ink stuff is SO cool! Love it!