March 30, 2007

links of interest?

i was driving to the studio this morning listening to science friday on npr . steven jackson was on talking about climate change... it was really interesting especially when they started talking about the nations that are currently growing industrially [china and india] and how we can attempt to balance changing emission standards while considering the wealth of nations. the audio will be posted by 6pm eastern time today. hopefully here

a while back my dad sent me a link to this editorial by thomas friedman of the new york times . it's a really interesting read. the idea of environmentalists beating corporations at their own game - by using high power investment bank consultants - is an intriguing one.


Lilian M. said...

Parcequ'êtrre écolo c'est à la mode. En même temps un degré de plus par an ca devrai nous inquieter.


louise said...

Thanks Lisa, I'm going to check out those links right now.