March 11, 2007


gwen bugheart
phd student/entomologist/
evolutionary ecologist
washington dc, usa

every little thing counts.

little insects.
one day
i looked
a little closer at
the tiny insect world
around me
and was hooked.
yet powerful
only occasionally
noticed by the humans.
an elegant world
amazing diversity
so much
to still understand.

little changes.
i study
tiny changes
in the genetic code.
those changes
cause variation
within organisms.
variation that
is the difference
between survival
and extinction.
it is
the foundation
for evolution.

little losses.
i seek to conserve.
habitat loss is
the greatest
threat to diversity.
we are losing
at an alarming rate.
i plan
to contribute to
a great body
of research
that proves
little losses
in diversity now
across species
and lead to
massive losses
in the future.

little steps.
i believe in
the little steps
we can take
turn off the lights.
take the stairs.
bring canvas bags.
buy local produce.
buy used.
stay informed.
when living greener
seems overwhelming,
i remember that
all great change
is the sum of
small changes.
these everyday changes
can lead
to living greener.

every little thing counts.


Jill said...

that's beautiful.
Rock on girls!

cally said...

Oh My Gosh this is SO SO SO exciting!!!

you girls are doing a great thing here and i confess, i'm jealous, i wish i was one of the gang :0)

i will do my bit with many comments and keeping up the eco posts on my blog, which dropped off a little over winter.

and the timing, it's all so perfect, ive had green as a colour on my blog this week and after interest was shown in my compost i've just posted a basic 'how to' for girls who wanted more details.

i'll run off now and do a post about this blog, and get you right up the top of my links list!

You are all wonderfull. x

cally said...

I thought you may want this link for your UK resources list:

Centre for Alternative Technology

They are based in Wales and are an excellent online resource. They have an onsite community, visitors centre, shop, they publish books. Really they are just very good an alternative technologies and lifestyles. And composting!

Bettina said...

Never doubt that a small group
Of thoughtful committed citizens
Can change the world.
It is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead, 1901-1978
American anthropologist and writer

cruststation said...

Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring words Gwen. So often we say to ourselves, we are only doing so little, can we change the world? Every little bit helps, rather start from the tiny mustard seed than to do nothing at all. X

UNIFORM Studio said...

this is really beautiful Gwen. Little steps....